May 02, 2018 update


A Typical Japanese Rehabilitation with Orthoses
for After-Stroke Patients - Recovery of Walking Ability-

  • Acute phase

    2-3 weeks after stroke


    • Life saving
    • Standing at early stage (very important to prevent disuse syndrome).
    • With KAFO, patients starts walking rehabilitation to strengthen muscle and hip joint.
  • Recovery phase

    patients:within 60days after stroke / max:180 days at hospital

    Shift to AFO from KAFO

    • Brain image diagnosis: rehabilitation target is set and shared with the related medical staff.
    • With AFO, patients keeps walking rehabilitation to strengthen knee joint and re-learn and achieve gait again.
  • Maintain phase

    Return to community

    Daily Life Appropriate AFO

    • The most appropriate AFO is chosen for actual life.
    • AFO is used for patients’ safety and comfort in adaptation to their actual life environment.